Jess Power and 20th Century Design News

untitled (1) 140x180cm Acrylic, Emulsion, Oil Pastel and Gloss on Sheeting 2018 .JPG
Untitled (5) 100x150cm Acrylic, Oil, Woodstain, Oilpastel On Canvas and Sheeting 2018 .JPG

We are pleased to add Jess Power to our growing roster of contemporary artists. Jess is a London born artist who first studied in Bristol and then received a first class honours degree from The University of Brighton. Since graduating she has taken part in national and international residencies.

 In her own words:

‘My practice explores deconstructed forms of language using reactionary, improvised, process lead mark making. I use a symbolic visual language inspired by ancient sculpture, images of metamorphosis and classical content that sits in opposition to the experimental processes of my practice. I hope to provoke a dialogue of conflict between imagery and materiality. By re-contextualising the anthropocentric themes and symbols of art history, I aim to deconstruct notions of “self” and “ego” and in turn explore the naturally chaotic happenings that define our lives, and that therefor define painting.’

Jess’s work will be shown in December at 44AD in Bath along with works by Miranda Carins and Ben Reader. More details on this show to follow in the coming weeks.

In other news we have branched out into a number of 20th century design pieces. At recent shows many visitors have requested to purchase furniture that was brought along as stand decoration but was not for sale. Due to the high number of inquiries we will be selling a limited number of 20th century design pieces - a new section will be added to the website very soon.